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We are a family with 3 small children that are allowed to live in our cats house;)

We have a 'house cat' and Tonkinese cats and dedicated our cat hobby to breed Tonkinese cats on small scale.

We promote the Tonkinese breed by going to cat shows every now and than. We are are part of the Global Tonkinese Comminuty and actively contribute to the Neocat Burmese Club.

We are members of Neocat and the Tonkinese Breed Club (TBC) UK.


Al of our cats are tested via DNA on genetics diseases, themselves or via their parents. 


We breed Tonkinese in almost all varieties: solid, mink and point in all colors like brown (natural), chocolate (champange), cinnamon (honey), fawn, lilac (platinum) and blue.


We do not breed/ pre-select on color but on low-inbreed percentage, placing health and genetic variety over color and litter homogeniety.


Tonkinese kittens for sale with beautiful pedigree ♡
Tonkinese kitten for sale Brown Tabby Mink for sale ☆ show qualoty ☆


We are a normal family with normal jobs and our cats are one of our hoby's that's why we only have kittens every once in a while due to our busy lives and most of them go to people we allready know.. but since we love this breed and want to contribute to the breed not to go extinct we sometimes allow adoption to new slaves that match our expectations and strive to meet the same values and goals as us.

Our Tonkinese kittens are used to flying Lego bricks, chase after our kids (that are running around with cat toys (see youtube) and are "busy, chaotic- household proof". 

Al of them got through all of that becoming most confident, stress proof and wel adjusted and balanced individuals. Our cats run free through out the whole house (lets be fair, they sometimes need a lego break;) all together (no pens) and choose whom to honor with the presence of their playful and most interesting and outgoing characters. Time to introduce our family members in detail:

Parsley von Lenne

Our Tonkinese stud,

champange mink tabby


DNA: catscanned himself :)

Character: Cuddle bear,  Professional snuggler. InRelaxed boy, full of trust. 


Show results: unfortunately he has not been able to cuddle any jury due to the pandemic situation

Hesse von Dachsleren 6th tonk 5 gen pedigree pawpeds
PDF – 516,8 KB 413 downloads

INT CH Tallica Cookie Dough, Tonkinese Queen, Natural Mink


Born: July 10 2017


DNA: all tested, see this page Also her coat color was tested for fun. She is a Bb', Dd, (carries dilute and cinnamon) - TOS n 32, F5 


Character: outgoing snuggler :) like a little child but without the wining? loves to chase feathers and jumps into the fridge when its time for a meal.


Show results: on her first show on the age of 7 months she got a great judge report with the highest achievable result: U1. She really wanted to get out of the cage all the time, so I carried her around and let her be petted. What a lovely show doll! Our little charmer :)

The first day when she was 10 months she was showed in the open CAC class and got a Special Prize, Best in Show, Best of Best and the first in the ring, and got her Champion status when she was just 10 months old with another special prize and BIS nomination, she is a true showgirl.

Pedigree Talli - Tallica Cookie Dough
PDF – 57,3 KB 392 downloads
VHL Dr. van Haering CombiBreed Genetic Diseases - erfelijke ziekten testrapport - short public
PDF – 236,8 KB 387 downloads
VHL Dr. van Haering CombiBreed Genetic Diseases - testrapport - Explanations on Resultcodes
PDF – 1,8 MB 403 downloads
Tonkanees kitten te koop Tonkinese kitten for saleonkinese Natural Mink champion queens

*Retired* Tonkyway Nova van Zuylenhove, Tonkinese Queen, Blue Tabby

TOS, F5 carries dilute and choc

Born: March 04 2018

DNA: all tested when she was still @ her mum's place.  Also her coat color was tested for fun. Dillute and brown. 

Character: her favorite pose is on her back feet upwards, she seems to be a pretty clever and curious girl

Show results: this doll is the sweetest in the house but when we took her over to the vet she was trembling, we don't need more reasons to not bring her to show. Just not made for it. A pity since she is THE Perfect Tabby! We look forward to presenting her offspring to the judges. 

Tonkyway Nova van Zuylenhove 5th gen pawpeds
PDF – 478,6 KB 394 downloads
Genetic tests Nova
Afbeelding – 489,3 KB 368 downloads
Beautiful tonkinese kitten blue mink tabby

*Retired* CH. Fearless Flora vom Ellerbek. Tonkinese Queen, Cinnamon Mink

Born: January 04 2018


DNA tested via parents, catscanned herself also /  b'b', TOS o 32, F4


Character: Hello. My name is Flora. I like candy, to play and sit, jump, play and sneak over laptops and sometimes I pretend to be a hug scarf instead of a cat. I am a natural born organizer, I can make anything happen with my special sweet Tonkative sounds.


Show results besides ☆☆☆both of my parents being World Champions☆☆☆? CH. / Champion 

Fearless Flora vom Ellerbek 5 gen pedigree pawpeds
PDF – 495,9 KB 403 downloads
Tonkinese kitten cinnamon Mink world champion parents

*Retired* Amber van Zuylenhove, Tonkinese Queen, Cinnamon Solid


Born: March 14 2019


DNA tested via parents ~catscanned herself plus color test VHL


Character: Hi, I'm Amber, I am a golden kitty wth stunning green eyes. 


Show results not yet but I wil surprise all of them soon enough :P

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